Review: Witch Way by Heidi Hall

Witch Way - Heidi Hall

SERIES: The Mystic Series, #1 (formerly Magical Holiday Tales)



For every fork in the road of life, there is only one question: Witch Way?

Mayhem has been Roxy Devereaux's constant companion, but she never imagined gun-wielding mummies would invade a company Halloween party and send her running for her life. Adrift and afraid, the sleepy town of Mystic, Oregon calls to her. Yet, in this secluded coastal community, nothing is as it appears.

Somehow, the locals know her. They expected her arrival. They believe she has powers that are beyond belief. As her past is revealed, Roxy must make a decision - stay and accept her birthright, or leave the haven of Mystic behind.

*Witch Way is a novella of approximately 100 pages.



It was just okay for me. It didn't grab me and I wasn't engaged in the story. I could easily have put it down and moved on to something else. I had to reread a few sections to figure out what was going on or figure out that what I thought was a plot hole wasn't actually a plot hole, but just wasn't described least for me. I guess the writing style wasn't a good match for my reading style.

The main issue of Roxy discovering she is a witch and getting her witchy mojo back was resolved by the end, but the answer to why Barry was killed was not and the budding romance didn't really get established until the end, which probably continues in the next book and explains the "to be continued..." type ending. I guess it just wasn't a good fit for me overall, but I can see how other readers might like it.


Source: My Personal Library