Review (Short Story): Ho-Ho-Homicide - by John G. Hartness

Ho-Ho Homicide - A Bubba the Monster Hunter Short Story - John G. Hartness

Series: Bubba the Monster Hunter


Book Description:

Bubba's back and this time he's in costume! Everybodys favorite redneck monster hunter goes undercover as a mall Santa to get to the bottom of a series of mysterious murders. Along the way he encounters snotty kids, annoying mothers, a smokin' hot elf, the spirit of Christmas and a tribe of fairies that would rather make war than toys!


My Thoughts: Bubba the monster hunter goes undercover as a mall Santa to a catch some vicious man-eating pixies in his own humorous redneck way. Pixies beware! Bubba's gone a-hunting with his buxom novice nun sidekick who also sidelines as Santa's elf assistant. Bubba shows a little Christmas spirit in this story when he Santa helps out a homeless family. I thought that was a nice touch and I'm curious if it is unique to this particular Bubba episode or if he displays a little heart in all his adventures. I guess there is only way one to find out.

There were about 10 typos in this story, which I think is a bit much for a short story but 5 were actually a repeated name misspelling. It is probably something that many readers may not even pick up on. A fun read. This is my first Bubba story, but I'll be looking for more!

My favorite line: 

"Yeah, I'm not ashamed to use the death of a hundred pixies to cover up the sound of a good long fart. Sue me."

Side note and apropos to nothing: The title, Ho-Ho-Homicide, sounds more like a Christmas murder mystery to me than a humorous paranormal story.


Word Count: approx. 8,000
Print Length: approx 21 pgs (estimated)
Epub pages: 24 (story text ends at 19 pgs)
Kindle Locations: 384 (story text ends at 85%)
Source: My Library