[ReBlog] Mess with the BookLikes, you get the Dawid

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The subject is crap but Dawid's comment makes it awesome so you have to see it.


AnHeC managed to make it on STGRB's brand spanking new BookLike's Sidebar of Popularity for no reason other than her Friends list.


Dawid's comment deserves All The Likes:


 dawid comment




Pass this baby around.


[Just reblogging, I never look at the STGRB site and don't have any reviews on goodreads so if I wind up on their list it will also be due to my friends list.  Otherwise, I'm fairly quiet.  Possibly my only claim to fame might be my suggestion that the delete-shelves-about-authors feedback thread should count towards our 2013 reading challenges.  Although I guess the victim-blaming morons over there can take issue with anything; they sure don't realize they shouldn't pee in their own pool since their activities aren't exactly encouraging readers to write reviews for indie books but I guess they are vicious enough to feel that if no one is giving their books positive reviews and all the financial gain to which they feel entitled then they will just try to intimidate reviewers away from negative reviews even if it hurts other SPAs -- if they can't succeed, they'll durn sure make all the other indie authors also suffer for it.  Nah-nah-nah-nah boo-boo — editorial remarks added by Debbie]

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