Dividing Dark

Dividing Dark - Melissa Swaim I was intrigued by the idea of a reptilian shifter for a YA Paranormal Romance. I mean, reptiles are not exactly the most romantic choice for a shifter, but it actually worked well and I quite liked Faron’s character. In fact, I liked him better than Fee who could be a little whiny at times and who seemed to keep making bad choices. Though Fee could be a little annoying, I did see some growth by the end of the book. The dialogue felt a little choppy and disconnected and I think any romantic connection between Faron and Fee was due more to Faron’s character. At times the romantic connection between them felt strong and at other times it felt neutral. The caving/spelunking aspect and Fee’s eating disorder were different and not something you come across often in paranormal romance, so this added a unique element to the story. Dividing Dark was a decent read with a sweet YA romance. Smoother and more natural dialogue would have increased my enjoyment, but overall it was a good read.