Sample Review: A Fall of Silver by Amy Corwin

A Fall of Silver - Amy Corwin

Book Blurb:

Allison “Quicksilver” Bankes has a simple philosophy is: the only good vampire is a dead vampire. After a brutal encounter with the undead, Quicksilver wants revenge and she’s about to kill one of the undead to save a young woman’s life when Kethan Hilliard confronts her. Kethan promises peace and redemption for both vampires and humans in exchange for an end to the slaughter, but Quicksilver knows that’s not going to happen.

Someone is killing both humans and vampires, and sweet words aren’t going to end the nightmare.

As events spiral out of control, terrible secrets from Quicksilver’s past awaken, and she’s forced to turn to Kethan to prevent more deaths. This time however, she’s determined not to make the same mistakes and with Kethan’s help, she hopes to silence the horror, forever.


Sample Musings:

I wasn't sure about this one at first, but I kept reading and found myself getting more interested. I was a little hung up on the heroine's nickname -- Quicksilver. It feels very awkward... too many syllables? I dunno. I'll probably get used to it or I'll change the name in my head. Anyway, I did start to get into the story and liked it better as it progressed. I was pulled through to the end of the sample. Silver's (see, I'm already doing it!) weapon of choice is a whip made of some kind of "silvery monofilament" that can cut through the vamps. I thought that was interesting and kind of different though I don't need to be reminded repeatedly of what it is made of. Being told this about three times in the space of a 10% sample makes me wonder how many more times I will be thus educated in the remainder of the book., Quicksilver, also appears to have some bad history with vamps in her past that is hinted at and by the end of the sample a romantic interest is introduced.

Sample Verdict:

I'm interested and want to read more but I just realized it is actually the second book of a series.  I will have to read the first book before digging into this one.

Cover art: Okay

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