Make Willing the Prey - Luna Lindsey Rating = 2 (It was okay)This book took me much longer than it should have to read. I kept picking it up and putting it down. I just wasn’t finding much to pull me from one page to the next. The characters seemed flat to me and the plotting was a little slow until they got into Haun’s house. I was also frustrated with some of Sandy and Jina’s behaviors that didn’t make sense to me. One was the whole secret admirer thing. Haun’s version of wooing isn’t quite what you might expect. It seemed creepy to me from the beginning and I couldn’t see why Sandy who was a practical and down to earth person wouldn’t notice it, and in fact, thought it was flattering…at first.Haun eventually traps them in a house where most of the creepy action takes place, though at times I thought the author was trying to pack too much scare factor into the story. I will admit I was curious how and if Sandy and Jina would get out of the house and was mostly satisfied with how this was resolved. The way the epilogue ends seems to imply that there will be a continuation of the story.I like fae stories. They are one of my favorite paranormal characters and I like to see how different authors approach the fae character. When I think of “wicked” fae I guess it is more in the sense of paranormal romance than horror. In terms of the horror genre I think the author did a good job of creating a creepy little evil faerie, but I don’t particularly like horror so this book just didn’t click with me -- too much horror and too many bugs for my liking. I think someone who does prefer to read horror might give this book a better rating. It just wasn’t the right fit for me.