Taken Hostage - Ranae Rose A bank worker is taken hostage by a gorgeous bank robber and is given a choice of going free or joining him in his life on the run. The premise of the story relies on an average woman suddenly giving up everything about her life as she knows it to be with a potentially dangerous bank robber/kidnapper, albeit a gorgeous and sexy one, whom she has only known for a few hours and running off to be an outlaw with him. This is either a good example of Stockholm syndrome or an indulgent fantasy for the work-a-day woman who wants a story that provides a safe yet sexy escape from reality. I’m going with the latter, but I can’t say I totally bought into Tiffany’s actions. She didn’t really think too hard about her decision. As I think back on her character, I can't say there is anything that really stands out about her. Then there is James..mmm, mmm, mmm...he was your typical bad-boy with a heart. He waved around a gun a lot. It was clear that he could and would hurt someone, if necessary, but I also got the sense that it was more of a bluff and if it came down to it then he would try to find another way to deal with the situation. He never showed any threat to Tiffany. He was protective of her and comes to her defense like any good alpha-male bad-boy hero should. He was tough but he had that sensitive side too. There were also a couple of secondary characters that didn’t seem to add a whole lot to the story and basically disappeared at the end without any explanation.The smoking thing at the beginning… I just don’t get it. Other than setting up a convenient opening to the story and contributing to James’s bad-boy persona, it didn’t make any sense to me when I realized that at no other point in the book does James show any smoking behavior. He doesn’t have a cigarette again, doesn’t mention cigarettes, doesn’t crave a cigarette, doesn’t buy cigarettes… no mention or action involving cigarettes. That’s a good thing for Tiffany since she finds smoking offensive as gleaned from her thoughts at the beginning of the story, but for me, as the reader, it is an inconsistency in the character that keeps popping into my head.The use of single quote marks for dialog jarred me a bit. I think this might be UK style but I’m not used to seeing it even in British books. It felt strange and I was constantly aware of it. I don’t know if the author is from the UK originally but her bio states she lives in the US. Taken Hostage is a Contemporary Erotic Romance novella. I hesitate to call it Romantic Suspense because it just wasn’t that suspenseful in the true sense of a romantic suspense story, but it did have some elements of suspense. They were on the run, but it didn’t feel like they were being chased or in any immediate danger of getting caught. It felt more like a road trip with urgency…and a lot of sex. Speaking of which, the sex scenes flowed pretty well, though a couple of them were unfulfilled, but you do get an HEA and whether I bought into the premise of the story or not, I have to admit it kept me turning the pages and provided a yummy escape for a few hours. I’m struggling a bit on whether this is a 3.5 or 4 star, but I think I’ll call it 4 stars as it did keep me up late reading so I could finish it and in the end I really liked it despite my nitpicks.I was interested enough to find out what else Ranae Rose has available. Among some other titles, it looks like she has a paranormal erotic romance in the works that I’ll be checking out.Word count: 23,823 (Novella)Kindle Locations: 1327PDF length: 44 pgsEPUB length: 57 pgs