Review that is Not: Demonsoul by Amy Lunderman

Demonsoul (The Misadventures of Daria Pigwidgeon #1) - Amy Lunderman

In a nutshell, heinous amounts of typos and other issues completely overshadowed an interesting story concept that had a lot of potential to shine with proper editing and proofreading.




Update: Yet another 1 star book I meant to come back to and elaborate on, but honestly... the thought of going through the shit-ton of typos and errors that I highlighted on my Kindle for this book just to write the review was overwhelming. Then I find out that all those errors--about 150 of them--in what I thought at the time was half of the book turned out to be only a partial book. The book wasn't even a complete story! This totally explains the craptastically incomplete ending. The original blurb had a number of typos as well... that should have been my big red flag but the story sounded interesting so I gave it a try. The full-length version of this book was released in its entirety under a different title... W T F? 


I may have to bite the bullet and read the re-released version (which means a re-read *cringe* of the first part) just so I can do a review.  


In the meantime, here are my status updates from GR:


12/11/2011     12.0% "**heavy sigh** I haz dilemma...this is yet another indie book with a potentially good story that is completely overshadowed by ridiculous amounts of typos and other errors. It really should not have been published in this condition. It reads like an unedited and unproofed draft. But dang, I like the story premise! Do I keep reading and try to enjoy the story regardless of the issues or just let it go and move on?"
12/14/2011     36.0% "I don't know if it is the book masochist or curious kitty in me that feels the need to finish this book just so I can see what the final error count will be. It is crazy I tell ya...crazy! I honestly don't know how people are overlooking it."
12/16/2011     47.0% "I kinda like Chance's character but the story is told in first person from Daria's perspective. I'm kind of getting tired of being in Daria's head. Chance must also have a problem with his eye cause he winks an awful lot ;) There is also an excessive amount of blushing--often associated with the winking."
12/19/2011     64.0% "So, 50% into the book and my curiosity kitty gets the best of me. I must needs check the typo count. Drum roll please... there is no less than 150 typos/errors, and mostly likely more than that, in half the book. Half. The. Book. This does not even take into consideration the more subjective issues. I am gobsmacked."
12/22/2011     100.0% "Finally done. I'm scared to do a final typo count. I haz shudders. Hoo boy, this review is gonna be tough to write."