Review: Not Everything Brainless is Dead by Joshua Price

Not Everything Brainless is Dead (Book 1 of The Absurd Misadventures of Captain Rescue) - Joshua Price

SERIES: The Absurd Misadventures of Captain Rescue, #1



When Captain Rescue's city is overrun by man-eating zombies, he and his arch nemesis must band together to thwart mankind's undealiest threat!

The adventure begins after Dr. Malevolent knocks off the most prominent bank in the city. The super villain gets far more than she bargained for, and over the course of the ensuing shenanigans, zombies are inadvertently unleashed. The outbreak spreads like crazy, and arch enemies embark on a journey to discover who, in this universe or the next, would commit such a dastardly act.

Will Captain Rescue and Dr. Malevolent find a way to put a stop to this apocalypse, or will the undead eat them alive?

"Not Everything Brainless is Dead" is the hilarious entry to Captain Rescue's absurd misadventures, and the first book of a series that is meant to feel like a novelized comic book. A second adventure, "Past, Future, & Present Danger", is also available.



When a zombie epidemic breaks out, Captain Rescue, a bumbling and childish superhero, and his nemesis, Dr. Malevolent, band together with a ragtag group consisting of a bunny-costume-loving henchman, an overzealous cop with a penchant for guns and SHOUTING EVERYTHING, an intelligent zombie who surprisingly isn't looking for a brain snack, and a plethora of expendable lackeys. They all work together to make their way through a city full of zombies and find a way to end the infestation.

First, I have to say that the series name, "The Absurd Misadventures of Captain Rescue", keeps reminding me of that children's book called "The Adventures of Captain Underpants" for some reason. And at times, it was probably about the same level of silliness. Also, Captain Rescue was often very childlike, so I guess it fits. Keep in mind though that this is a parody so silliness is par for the course. The plot was thin and more a backdrop for the humor, but again, not uncommon for a parody.

The character I liked best was Freight, the ex-cop who has to SHOUT EVERYTHING HE SAYS! There was even a short time when he didn't shout everything and I actually missed it. I also liked Stubbs, the intelligent zombie, though I don't recall it ever being explained why he ended up more coherent and self-aware than the average zombie. Dr. Malevolent--who happens to be female and it took me awhile to get used to that--was acceptably snarky and a good foil for Captain Rescue's stupidity and silliness.

Parodies come in different flavors. Sometimes they suit me and sometimes they don't. Humor is very subjective. This one was more of the silly slapstick variety, which I think does better in a visual medium (think Mel Brooks or Airplane movies) that can take advantage of a sight gag. Though it gave me a smile occasionally, it just didn't tickle my funny bone like I thought it would. I actually ended up putting this book down for awhile to read some other books and was not that inclined to get back to it. I did end up finishing it but I felt I had to push myself through it. I also felt the writing style was a bit awkward and didn't flow well at times, which caused me to backtrack and reread sentences.

Now when it comes to parodies, I give a little leeway for inconsistencies as things don't always happen in a logical way. However, there were some instances where I think it was just simply an inconsistency that was overlooked rather than an aspect of the parody.

My biggest issues were the typos and other errors. Some readers have mentioned that the typos were infrequent, but in my experience they were quite frequent and it got to be very distracting. And I don't mean a handful of typos that you might get in any book. It was more like 75+ and that is a conservative count. I got this book in a giveaway in exchange for a review, but if I had paid for it I would not have been a happy camper. I don't feel this book was ready for prime time (I even read an updated version, not the initial release) and it would benefit from a good outsourced edit and proofread. Apparently, this has not been a problem for some readers, but if you are more sensitive to being distracted by errors then you might want to take this into consideration.

Word Count: approx 54,148
Kindle locations: 2883
EPUB length: 167 pgs
PDF length: 185 pgs

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