Nip, Tuck, Dead - Lori Avocato Book #5 in the Pauline Sokol mystery series. Pauline seems to be getting more independent in her investigating skills and is starting to find the clues on her own without Jagger's help all the time. Not that Jagger is out of the story by any means. Though I like this series and see the similaritis to the Stephanie Plum series, Pauline is not quite as "street-smart" as Stephanie and seems more naive...more cutesy if you will, than Stepanie. This book was probably one of my least favorites of the series so far, but it might also have something to do with having a cold during the time I was reading it! :) I still enjoy the series and even the worst one of the bunch was still some good readin' for me. Oh, and we finally get to learn a little bit of interesting info about Jagger by the end of this one.