The Demon King and I - Candace Havens The Demon King and I is the first book in a new series by Candace Havens. This series revolves around four sisters who are Guardians. They guard portals to different worlds to protect Earth from its inhabitants. The main character of this book is Gillian and she protects the portal to Maunra. A world inhabited by Demons and ruled by Arath, the Demon King. I liked the story enough to finish it but I felt the characters were a little flat. In the end I didn't really care that much about Gillian and Arath. Another issue that I had was how the status of the main character being rich, beautiful, successful, wealthy, privileged and a celebrity was constantly being pushed in the reader's face. It got a little tiresome. Overall, I would say it was worth reading and I will probably try the next book, Dragons Prefer Blondes, to see if I like it any better.