Shadow Magic - Stephanie Julian Shadow Magic is actually the first two books in Stephanie Julian's fantasy erotic romance series that revolves around Etruscan fae. The first book is called Seduced by Magic and the second is Seduced by Shadow. The first book is hot and spicy right from the beginning. I usually prefer some build up of the romantic tension between the characters first but I had no problem with this story. I was quickly invested in the story and the main characters, Justin and Scarlata. The second story focuses on Justin's sister Ellie (Fiorella) and her secret bodyguard Antonin (though he doesn't stay secret for long!). Stephanie Julian weaves a magical and sexy world that is easy to fall into and get lost. My only complaint... both stories were too short! The stories were only about 130 pages each. It seemed to stop just as the bad guys (the Mal) really start to show their evil selves. I was about half-way through the book when I remembered there were actually two stories in the book. I flip a few pages ahead and nooooooo!!!... it's almost over! But, but.... there is so much more story to be told! **Heavy sigh** On to Ellie & Antonin's story. I'll be looking for more of this series and I'm hoping the next books dig a little deeper. Now I just need to email the publisher and tell them to hurry up and put them in print format ;)