Jennifer Johnson Is Sick of Being Single - Heather McElhatton If Bridget Jones was American, she would be Jennifer Johnson…um, minus the cigarettes and alcohol units. Oh okay, just minus the cigarettes. Well, that was my initial impression of this book, and though it does hold up for awhile I would say that the book does take its own path and leads to a very unBridget-like ending. Jennifer Johnson is a young professional working as a copywriter for a department store. When she is not at work navigating the personalities and politics of her dead end career with a healthy dose of snarky humor and regular trips to Cinnabons, she is braving the hazardous and humorous (for us at least) perils of the online dating scene. Her dates usually end up a bit of a disaster, but she deals with it in a bumbling yet funny, and at times inebriated, manner reminiscent of the above mentioned Bridget. Just when she thinks the disastrous digital dating will never end, along comes what appears to be a doofus in a red parka but who actually ends up being none other than...well let’s just say someone she didn’t expect and who happens to be too gorgeous to be true. Romance ensues and maybe, just maybe, Jennifer is getting what she has hoped for all this time. But as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for…Overall, I thought this was an enjoyable chick-lit book, but if you are looking for another Bridget Jones type of story then you may be disappointed. Jennifer is a bit more depressed, the atmosphere is a bit darker, and the humor a bit more snarky. But if you like that kind of thing and don’t have to have a happily-ever-after ending, then you may like this book. Personally, I like my HEA so the ending wasn’t my favorite part. It wasn’t particularly sad, but it wasn’t happy…more of a “thing to make you go hmmm”. Besides my personal issue with the ending, the book had its laugh out loud moments, or at the very least some snort out loud moments. I can’t say it was a page-turner for me but it was certainly an enjoyable read.(Originally reviewed at I Just Finished)