Also Known As Harper - Ann Haywood Leal Mrs. Rodriquez is collecting poems this week for the school’s poetry contest, but Harper Lee (named after her mother’s favorite author) can’t turn her poem in because her family just got evicted from their house and she has to take care of her little brother, Hemingway, while her mother looks for work. All Harper wants to do is stand up on that stage and read her “words”. Unfortunately, life has other plans. Her father left last year leaving her mother to support their family and also pay back rent. As Harper and her brother learn about life as a homeless family, they make new friends, discover a new world and way of life that she didn’t know existed, find new priorities, and finds out that she may have more in common with that horrible Winnie Rae Early than she ever thought possible. During all this, Harper tries repeatedly to find a way to get to school and get her poem entered in the contest. Does Harper ever get to read her poems on stage? Well, sort of…. I found this book to be quietly enjoyable. There are no major action scenes but the story pulls you through from page to page. The author did a good job of capturing a young girl’s thoughts, mannerisms, and speech. The characters are interesting and likable. Though the author doesn’t actually state where the story is located, the dialogue has a definite southern feel. There are also references to other southern locations. A quick recommended read for anyone who likes YA fiction that deals with social issues without being heavy-handed.(Review originally posted at I Just Finished)