RuneWarriors - James Jennewein, Tom S. Parker RuneWarriors is set within an ancient world of Norse mythology when mythic creatures roamed the earth. It is the story of a teenager named Dane the Defiant who sets off on a quest to retrieve the Shield of Odin (known to make the person holding it invincible) and find his beloved Astrid, Mistress of the Blade. Both the Shield of Odin and Astrid were stolen away by the reigning tyrant, Thidrek the Terrifying, who unexpectedly attacks the village during the Festival of Greatness. Dane, along with a crew that includes his friends and some enemies, sails off on a quest to find Thidrek. Their adventures bring them face to face with a myriad of mythic creatures and difficult predicaments before their journey comes to and end and they learn what it means to be a RuneWarrior.I found this story to be a basic fantasy quest; unfortunately, it was a boring one. The first 100 or so pages of the book revolved around Dane's life from nine to about fourteen and then the Festival of Greatness where he competes in competitive games as a rite of passage to adulthood. I have to say that I really had to push myself through this part. There was just nothing to draw me from one page to another. Things pick up a little when the village is attacked but this is one of the few moments of interest peppered throughout the book. Even their adventures with the different mythic creatures they encounter during their journey were not that exciting or involved (except maybe the frost giant). Overall, I did not really care much about the characters or what they were doing. The dialogue was boring and there were odd attempts at humor that seemed out of place with the story. If I was not reading this book for a review I would probably have set it aside and moved on to something else.The ending of the book seemed to imply that there will be more books to follow, but I will not be looking for them. Would I recommend this book to someone else? Hmmm... probably not, unless maybe they were really, really into Norse mythology.Originally reviewed at I Just Finished