Undead Much - Stacey Jay I don't really like zombies yet here I am again reading another zombie book. But ya know...I really kinda liked it! It was immediately apparent that I missed quite a bit from not reading the first book in this series, You Are So Undead to Me, but I eventually got the gist of what happened since the author did a lot of recapping in the storyline. Unfortunately, the process of recapping gave away a lot of spoilers for the first book so I'd advise reading the series in order.The story included a good mystery, a sweet romance, potential second boyfriend, high school mean girls, some good vs. evil, unexpected twists; and yes, there are zombies so there is some gory-ish "me want to eat your flesh" moments but not to the horror movie level. I also liked the authors teenage "voice". It wasn't the annoying teenage dialogue like some YA's seem to have though at times Megan's internal ramblings went on a little too long.