Seduced and Ensnared - Stephanie Julian Cam de Feo is an Etruscan fae on a mission -- seduce Stella Palmer so she can be used as a pawn against her uncle who leads an evil organization known as The Maladente. What Cam didn't count on was falling hard and fast for Stella. The original mission is scrapped and now Cam has to convince Stella of her uncle's evil intentions and protect her from him at all costs. The third book in the Magical Seduction series is my favorite so far. I still have quite a few left to read so that may change :) I really enjoyed the connection between Stella and Cam. As an erotic romance, the love scenes were hot and spicy but also became intimate and tender as the connection grew between them.As with the the first two novellas in this series, I felt that it was too short for the story presented. The Mal seem to be just a background decoration brought out for a token scene. I think the story could be longer and more interesting if the role of the Mal was explored more. Regardless of feeling that it was too short, I still give this book 4 stars as I really enjoy the magical world of Etruscan fae that Stephanie has created and in this particular book, the connection between Stella and Cam. I look forward to continuing the series and keep hoping some of the future books dig a little deeper into the story. Ebook details:- PDF on Sony Pocket Edition- 125 pages- Had to bump the font size up to Medium to get normal readable size font (pretty typical for a PDF on the Sony) and this caused inappropriate line breaks. I wish Ellora's Cave provided EPUB version!