Hush Money (Talent Chronicles #1) - Susan Bischoff I have one word for this book...awesome! I loved everything about it--the voice, the story, the writing style, the dialogue, and the characters. All were great. I really can’t think of anything I didn’t like. The writing style and voice of this story grabbed me from the beginning. The teenage dialogue was fantastic and believable with just the right amount of snark. The characters were flawed but very likeable and fleshed out. You can see how Dylan and Jocelyn (Joss) grow and change throughout the story, both personally and in their relationship to each other.The story narration switches back and forth between the first person point-of-view of the two main characters, Joss and Dylan. Each section where the POV switches begins with the character’s name and that was very helpful to keep focus on which character was narrating. I really enjoy the dual POV as it allows me to see how each character interprets what is going on in the story. The plot moved along swiftly and was paced well with plenty of action and interaction between the characters. It kept my interest and I didn’t want to put it down. I did sort of wonder if there is a reason for all these kids to have special powers. Usually there is something that triggers a superhero power like Spiderman getting bitten by a spider or the Incredible Hulk with the gamma waves. I also wondered why there is such a large concentration of Talents in this particular area. Hmmm… hopefully all will be revealed eventually in future books. I really look forward to seeing more of Joss and Dylan’s growing relationship and the adventures of the whole “Talented” gang. Though the story arc for this particular book was mostly wrapped up at the end, there are definitely some unresolved issues and a little cliffhanger action going on that will make you eager for the next book, Heroes ‘Til Curfew.If you like YA fiction with a superhero type theme (think Heroes TV show or X-Men movies) and a wee bit of romance then I highly recommend giving this book a try.