Sissy the Vampire Hummingbird Slayer - Helen Lloyd Montgomery Vampire Hummingbirds. C'mon! How could I not want to read this? This short story was so much fun. I loved the character of Sissy. The humor was dry and had an indifferent tone that reminded me of the Seinfeld TV show. In fact, Sissy's neighbor Sal reminded me a lot Mickey--Kramer's friend in that show--and the Seinfeld-ish banter between Sal and Sissy gave me a chuckle. Sissy is also quite the "MacGyver" of vampire hummer slayers and is very inventive in her methods of battling the little buggers.If you like fun, quirky, oddball stories this is a great lunchtime read. I'd love to see the continuing adventures of Sissy the Vampire Hummingbird Slayer. Word Count: approx. 5,521