Cattitude - Edie Ramer I quite enjoyed this light romantic tale of body switching. As an owner of three cats, I have to admit I may be a little biased. I gravitate to cat-based stories like a dog to a chew toy, but the story still needs to hold its own and this one certainly did.Belle (the cat) and Sorcha (the human) switch bodies (or souls, if you prefer) and experience what it is like to live like the other. They must adapt to their new experiences while dealing with murderers, unfamiliar amorous feelings, mean nannies, and lonely little girls.... among other things.The narrative and dialogue were comfortable and I found myself easily drawn from one page to the next. The characters were interesting and Belle, as a human, was just as stubborn and independent as my own cats. I could easily relate to all of her cat-related behaviors. I also really liked the banter between Max and his brother, Ted. There is intrigue to the story but I wouldn’t call it a mystery since the bad guys are revealed to the reader from the start. It is more a slowly unraveling plot of what happens to both Belle and Sorcha in their newfound bodies, what happens to the bad guys and their evil plans, and how it all ends up happily ever after. And there are HEAs all over the place. Except maybe for poor Ted… perhaps the author will take pity on him and give him a book of his own one day (hint, hint, nudge, nudge).My only nitpick is the number of typos. There were quite a few, but the other elements of the story were strong enough that I didn’t factor that into the rating.Cattitude is a charming story for anyone who might enjoy a sweet romance with a “Freaky Friday” feline twist.