The Student Prophet: Initiation Rites - James Nicholas Logue In The Student Prophet: Initiation Rites, God decides it is time to bring a new prophet to the world. Jeff is chosen to be the new prophet after a competition is held to decide who it will be. Archangels Michael and Rafael (Ralph) are sent to earth to watch over the new prophet.At a very young age Jeff experiences a premonition of the 911 terrorist attacks. This premonition is actually part of his test in the competition. Jeff continues to have premonitions and vibes as he grows up and eventually goes to college and starts to work with the FBI utilizing his premonitions to prevent horrible events while he comes to grips with his special gifts. While Jeff and the FBI work for good, there are also evil forces at work as well.This is basically a good vs. evil story with definite Christian overtones. The tone of the book, which is written in third person, is monotone and boring...almost childish, as if you were reading the story to a group of kids. Nothing exciting really happens. Yes, there are drug cartels, kidnappings, and terrorist attacks. You would think that would include edge-of-your-seat action, right? Wrong! The scenes are over quickly, not much happens, and the way it is written is more like an instruction manual than exciting and suspenseful action. Even the climatic ending seemed to flop and it felt like the book just ended without much closure or even a cliffhanger. If not for this review I would have put this book aside and moved on to something else.I would consider this a YA Christian Fiction considering the main character is a teenager and it feels like it is written for a younger audience. Given the title of the book and the fact that Jeff seems to be at the very beginning of his journey to being a prophet, I would expect other books to follow (though that is just my guess).Crossposted from