Last Call Europe: Devil's Advocate - Belinda McBride 3.5 starsDemon attorney agrees to help two shapeshifters remove a "curse" that prevents them from consummating their mating bond. In return for negotiating with the witch to remove the curse they provide him payment with a night of sex. What initially started as a routine contract turns into something much more as the demon develops an emotional connection to the shifters, and likewise the shifters connect with the demon.Enjoyed it overall though like many novellas (a short novella in this case), it could have been longer. I could easily see this story as a novel length book or at least a long novella. I thought Jedidiah's character (the demon) was quite interesting and would like to have seen the story and his character fleshed out a little more. The story takes place at a paranormal bar called Last Call. It is interesting that there is another series of short stories by Moira Rogers that also revolve around a paranormal bar called Last Call. This story has some light BDSM, menage, and some m/m interaction.Word count: approx. 20,000Page count in Sony reader: 65 pages