Moon Rising  - Laurie Bowler Vampires. Romance. Vampire Romance. This should have been right up my alley, but I had to give up on this one about 1/3 of the way through the book. So sadly, this will be my first one-star DNF (did not finish) review and will only cover the first third of the book. On the positive side, I think the story concept was okay and I also found myself interested in the Gulon characters (large cat-like shifters that hunt vampires) though I didn’t really experience enough of them in the time I had with the book to get a complete feel for these characters. If there was one thing that might have encouraged me to stick with the book, it was seeing more of the Gulon. However, it just wasn’t enough to force myself through more of this book.Now for what I didn’t like--unfortunately, it was almost everything else. The writing style was awkward and I found myself constantly having to reread sentences or paragraphs that seemed nonsensical or poorly structured. The grammar and punctuation appeared off to me. I’m no expert in this area, which is why I usually don’t nitpick on this much in my reviews, but in this case it jumped out at me on a regular basis. Then there are the typos. I experienced about 12 or more in just the first third of the book so if you factor that out to the rest of the book I can only assume there are considerably more to be found. There were misspellings (or maybe just simply use of the wrong word) like “baited breath” instead of “bated breath” or “innocence” instead of “innocents”. There was also an inconsistency I noted in Nessy’s eye color. Early in the book Nessy is described as having black eyes and later they are “greenie-blue”. At times I honestly wondered if this book received any objective editing. The main characters, Nessy and Charles, seemed one-dimensional and wooden. I felt absolutely nothing for them. As far as the relationship between them, there was no romantic connection or spark at all. Zip…Nada…Nothing. The romance was completely underwhelming. The dialogue followed suit; it felt unnatural and stilted. The pacing of the book wasn’t too bad at the very beginning. I was pulled in at first, but it quickly slowed down. Perhaps it picked up later but I wasn’t compelled to find out. As for the plot, I cannot speak much for that since I only got through one third of the book. I just couldn’t get past the poor mechanics and execution of this book.Since I did give this book a low rating I looked for other reviews to provide a balance. I was also interested to know if my review was in the general flow of traffic or if I was traveling down my own road. I found quite a few reviews here on Goodreads and a handful on Amazon (some appear to be cross-posted). Well, color me surprised that this book had a high number of 5-star reviews. Upon closer inspection of these reviews, I am a bit wary of the validity for many of them. You can make your own judgment.I cannot honestly recommend this book to anyone, but it appears somebody out there likes it and in the end a review is simply one person’s opinion. So, if you are curious about this book, then by all means try the free sample and judge for yourself whether it is worth pursuing.