Naked City: Tales of Urban Fantasy - Ellen Datlow, Elizabeth Bear, Peter S. Beagle, Nathan Ballingud Okay, I read 6 of the 20 stories and I'm not really feeling inclined to read anymore of it at this point. I'm considering this one "read but dnf", but I will update if I decide to dig into any of the other stories. This collection of 20 Urban Fantasy short stories is described on the back of the ARC as "A spine-tingling collection..." I hope they changed that in the published version as this is urban fantasy, not horror. It was also frustrating that there was absolutely no description of what each story was about. The reader just went into each story blind. Personally, I like knowing what the story is about before I start reading. My copy was an ARC so I hope that was added before it was published. I don't usually read anthologies unless they contain stories related to the series I read or intend to read. There was only one story (Jim Butcher's story) in this book that related to a series that I am aware of and the headline authors on the cover are really the only ones that interested me. There were no other authors that I currently read or am that interested in reading in this collection. I was expecting to see more well-known authors in urban fantasy represented, but the authors listed on the cover were the only ones I really recognized as being urban fantasy. I'm sure other people may recognize the other authors, but for me it was a little misleading. Of the stories I read, the Patricia Briggs story was my favorite. Jim Butcher fans will probably appreciate the Dresden Files story. Here are the ratings for each of the stories I read and I will update if I read any others.Cursed by Jim Butcher - 3 stars - Related to the Dresden Files series.How the Pooka Came to New York City by Delia Sherman - 3 starsOn the Slide by Richard Bowes - 1 star (did not finish - something about time travel - it lost me after about 9 pages)The Duke of Riverside by Ellen Kushner - 3.5 stars - An interesting story, but I didn't really see much "fantasy" in this one.Oblivion by Calvin Klein by Christopher Fowler - 2.5 stars - meh.Fairy Gifts by Patricia Briggs - 4 stars - I don't know if this story relates to any of her books, but iron-kissed fae are mentioned and I think Iron Kissed is the title of one of her books. Possibly a loose connection? Not sure, but I like the story and plan to read more of this author.