Dusted To Death - Barbara Colley I got about ¾ of the way through this book before I had to put it down. Though cozies are not my bread and butter reading material, I do enjoy them occasionally. However, what I thought would be a humorous and quirky mystery turned out to be just bland and boring. I would almost call this a Christian mystery as the main character is very prim and proper, doesn’t tolerate swearing, says grace before eating, and either church or the bible was mentioned several times. It’s not a bad thing if you like your books very clean. For me, it made for a very boring read.I usually give one star for books I cannot finish. I gave this one two stars because I don’t think it is a bad book, just that it isn’t right for me. I think someone who likes a straight forward whodunit type mystery or someone who enjoys Christian fiction might like this one.