Thinks and Things - Crystal Johnson Thinks and Things is a quirky novella that spins a fairy tale type story. The book itself is made up of many chapters, each being a little story unto itself but contributing to the overall story line. These stories, much like classic fairy tales, are whimsical on the surface but often have darker underlying themes like depression, mental illness, grief, and bullying to name a few. However, it also has some classic fairy tale characters you will recognize, as well as references to faeries, vampires (sort of), witches, imaginary creatures, and more.The characters in these stories are usually younger children and the writing feels like it is geared to a younger audience than the YA/Teen category it tends to show up in. You could argue that the darker elements are more suited to an older YA audience, but I don’t feel it is any worse than your average Grimm fairy tale.Though the story is imaginative, the storytelling felt a bit dry and did not engage me. It did not pull me in and I had to push myself through it – picking away at it one chapter at a time. I was also a bit dissatisfied with how the Fixer resolved some of the thinks that turned into things. The reader mostly has to take it on faith that he did something to fix it. I would have preferred more detail here. I did enjoy the Fixer’s log book. Some of the entries were quite humorous. Finally, it really needed some good proofreading and editing to address the significant number of typos and other errors.Though this story really wasn't a good fit for me, I think some people might enjoy it. If the story concept is of interest to you (and you can get past the typos/errors) then why not give it a try? Considering this novella is currently a free read at the time of this review, the only thing you risk is a little time. It wasn't right for me, but as the saying goes...your mileage may vary.