Paved with Good Intentions - Keith B. Darrell A demon (Lucifer) and an angel (Gabriel) are sent to Earth on a mission by their respective masters. In the first chapter they appear to bungle this mission so they go into hiding in Las Vegas where they open a Private Investigations business under the guise of Lou Cypher and Gabe Horn. The story follows their adventures as they deal with numerous supernatural characters and events. As the story goes along it appears to lose the original mission for which Lucifer and Gabriel were sent to Earth, but all comes together at the end and sets up a continuation of the story. The chapters read almost like a bunch of short stories that have some connecting threads. It reminded me of a TV show where each episode is mostly a story in itself but is all leading up to the season finale when the details start to come together and a few loose ends get tied up, but mostly it leaves a cliffhanger for the next season’s story.When I first saw this book and read the blurb, it reminded me a bit of Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman -- a comic fantasy involving a demon and an angel on a good vs. evil mission with a cast of quirky characters. Well, you do get some of that but it is not at all like Good Omens. The feel of story was very different and it didn’t have the same funny factor or sense of satire. The best chuckle for me was on the first page and though it didn’t really give me the LOLs I was expecting, it doesn’t mean that I didn’t enjoy it.On the technical side, there were more than a handful of typos in the print version...don’t know about the digital version. There was also a scene that had what I feel was a continuity issue. The other issue I had was the relationship between Lucifer and Miss Twitch. This might be a small spoiler, so fair warning...Start spoilerage...This is not a romance book so I don’t expect a big romantic build up or a lot of emphasis on a romance, but the relationship between Lucifer and Miss Twitch seemed to happen by was just there. One minute they are showing only the slightest clues of attraction and the next minute they are in love. This relationship actually has some significance to the overall story...End spoilerage.Likewise, the discovery between Lucifer/Gabriel and Miss Twitch that the other was of a supernatural nature was another osmosis moment for me. It just seemed to happen without much more fanfare than choosing which cereal to have in the morning. Not even a simple Oh, you’re a demon! or Oh, you’re a witch! to be had. It seems to be simply accepted without any outward acknowledgment.So yeah, I had a few issues with the story, but overall the writing style was comfortable and I enjoyed the back and forth between Lucifer and Gabriel even if it wasn’t as funny as expected. This book wasn’t a page-turner for me but it kept my interest. It was a quirky read and I quickly grew to like Lucifer, Gabriel, and Miss Twitch. I am interested in knowing what happens to them, which might have something to do with that darn cliffhanger! :)P.S. I'm awarding a few extra brownie points for the Harry Potter spoof!