Review: A Soul So Wicked by Sharie Kohler

A Soul So Wicked - Sharie Kohler

Series: Moon Chasers, #6


Description: A lycan generations old, Darius roams the earth seeking redemption as he hunts the one responsible for his terrible curse, determined to make her pay the price for the untold suffering he’s brought upon the world. The last thing he expects, however, is to find a tantalizing woman beneath the demon witch who’s as desperate for redemption—and love—as he is.

For more than 1,000 years, Tresa, an enslaved demon witch who has spent her long life tormented by the devastating mistakes of her past, has roamed the earth fleeing her demon, trying to make amends and avoid unleashing further evil upon the world. Although she feels deserving of the torment she has brought on herself, in Darius’s arms she begins to feel the most dangerous thing of all…hope that maybe passion can burn hotter than the evil hunting her.


My Review:

In the first three books in this series I felt sorry for Darius because he always came sooooo close to getting his HEA but, well, no cigar. I was eager for his story to be told and see him finally get his HEA. Then in the fourth and fifth books he didn't have his usual near miss at a mate and had a smaller role... frankly he came off as kind of a jerk those books. I no longer felt sorry for him. Darius...pbfft! Finally Darius gets his own book and I was actually a little hesitant to read it. Will he still be a jerk? Will I care at all about this Darius and want to keep reading? Well, I'm happy to say Darius made his back into my good graces and the wait was worth it. There was nothing too special about the story... pretty much your standard PNR but, but... it was Darius! And I'm happy he finally got a happy of his own.

I did have a small problem with the ending. The final battle with the demon felt anticlimactic and seemed to be over before it barely started. There was also an unexplained character that suddenly popped up out of the blue near the end of the book that was confusing. I don't know if what happened to Darius is due to the deal with the demon or the mysterious stranger. Besides being somewhat of a deus ex machina, maybe there is some possible set up of a future book or series? Not sure if that is thoughtful speculation or just wishful thinking. :)