Review: Red Demon by Deidre Knight

Red Demon - Deidre Knight

Series: Gods of Midnight, #3


Book Description:

In which immortal Spartans fight for humankind while battling their own desires...

After assuming the power of life and death for the immortal Spartan brotherhood, Aristos Petrakos is brought a message from the other side- a romantic message he doesn't want to hear. Juliana Tiades, the long- dead love of Ari's immortal life, is desperate to reveal the truth about her death. She makes a bargain with a djinn demon, who offers to give her physical form. But as Julianna and Ari are reunited in passion, the debt must be paid-in souls and spirits...


My Thoughts:

This book took me forever to read. I kept putting it down and reading other books. I just had a hard time getting into it. I don't know why because I loved the previous book in this series, Red Kiss. The second half of the book was better and I finally was able to dig into it, but to be honest I was just not that interested in Aristos and Juliana. The side stories of Mason/Nikos and Sable/Sophie were actually much more interesting to me and I found myself reading just to get more on those stories. I think I would have preferred the main story to be about Mason and Nikos and the side story to be Aristos and Juliana. The next book is about Leonidas and Daphne, and I'm afraid I don't have that much interest in them either and will probably be reading it more to see how the Sable/Sophie side story plays out.

The first half of the book was more 2.5 stars for me and the second half was 3.5 stars so I'm giving this one 3 stars.