Out of Time (Out of Time, #1)

Out of Time  (Out of Time, #1) - Monique Martin After reading the description above I expected to experience a world, or underworld that is, chock full of 1920’s style vampires and demons. Actually, there was only one vampire in this story and you really don’t see much of him until about half way through the book. The main focus of the story is really the romance between Simon and Elizabeth with themes of love (of course!) and redemption.The time travel part of the story happens very early in the book…I liked that. Simon and Elizabeth are unexpectedly thrown into a situation where they must depend on each other to find a way home. Each of them has feelings for the other that are not outwardly evident. Elizabeth thinks that Simon, who is 20 years her senior, has no interest in her. Simon feels an attraction to Elizabeth but has spent years building a wall around his emotions. The prescient nightmares of Elizabeth’s death certainly didn’t help. Little does he know that Elizabeth will find the crack in his wall, and when they are thrown together into 1920s NYC, that wall will start to crumble.Simon and Elizabeth are very likeable characters and the romance between them is a slow waltz through the first half of the book. The romantic tension builds and builds until a final confrontation pushes them both towards each other and Simon’s wall finally comes tumbling down. You don’t really see much of the lone vampire that makes up the paranormal aspect of the story until halfway through the book. Because of this I think the first half of the book was paced a little slower than the second half. I would like to have seen a little more action in the first half, but I enjoyed the growing romance between Simon and Elizabeth. This carried me through to the second half of the book where more of the intrigue and suspense take over when it becomes evident that vampires actually exist and one in particular has more than a passing interest in Elizabeth.I was immediately comfortable with the writing style and the dialogue felt natural, not forced. The only point of contention I had is that Simon, who is British, and a secondary character who is an Irish priest, didn’t sound British and Irish in my head. I would like to have had a little more “accent” in the dialogue and characterization to really round out their characters. Simon would come out with a “Bloody Hell!” or “Bugger!” occasionally but he still had an American accent in my head. Out of Time is primarily a time travel romance with a little history, a little intrigue, and a paranormal twist. It also turned out to be quite enjoyable! I look forward to seeing what Monique Martin has for us in the future :) Typos found in this edition: 7http://indieparanormalbooksreviews.blogspot.com/