Review: The Practical Guide to Trying Not to Die by Sam Schooler

The Practical Guide to Trying Not to Die - Sam Schooler

I really enjoyed the humor in this novella. It just hit the right spot. The characters were very likable. The romance between Danny and Soren was sweet and took the entire story to develop. You get some cuddles and kisses by the end but that is it.

The beginning drops you right into the action during an attack on Danny. I was a little confused here. I didn't know at first if they were in a role-playing game or if it was supposed to be a real attack, but I soon realized it was real. It kind of felt like I was missing something as if some chapters were ripped out that led up to this part of the story.

The big bad doesn't even really make any appearance in this story. It is sort of glossed over too along with the ensuing battle, so again it felt like I was missing parts of the story.

Overall, a sweet and humorous romantic fantasy, but too much seemed glossed over. I could definitely see this as a larger work. The humor is what pushed it to 3 stars for me.