Blood Song (Blood Singer Series #1)

Blood Song - Cat Adams In this new Urban Fantasy series by Cat Adams (pen name for authors C.T. Adams and Cathy Clamp) we find a world where magic, vampires, and werewolves are part of everyday life. The heroine, Celia Graves, runs her own personal bodyguard service. She doesn't have magic of her own, though she does use some handy magical gadgets. While on a job protecting a Ruslandian prince, she is attacked by a vampire, but she doesn't die and she doesn't turn completely into a vamp. She is still part human and regarded as an abomination by the bats (this world's slang for vampires). Abominations must be turned completely or killed so now Celia must find her maker and kill him before he kills her or turns her.She can't remember what happened and is struggling with a newly acquired blood lust, but she also has some cool new powers too and will need them to unravel the mystery behind her attack and other events.I really liked the characters and the world created in this story. Celia is tough and gritty yet vulnerable and likeable. As the story progresses, you see glimpses of her past life and events that have made her who she is today. There is a past lover who comes into the story along with a new love interest that creates a triangle of romantic tension, but it is a very light element of the story and does not rule the plot. The cliffhanger ending has an unexpected twist and makes me eager to read the next book in the Blood Singer series, Siren Song.