Hot for the Holidays

Hot for the Holidays - Lora Leigh, Allyson James, Anya Bast, Angela Knight I felt the stories in this anthology were pretty well rounded for novellas (short stories??). They were all about 80-ish pages long. The Christmas themes in the stories are somewhat limited and almost seemed like an afterthought in some cases, but then I'm not really reading it for the Christmas theme anyway ;). There is almost always at least one story in an anthology I don't like that much. Not so here...I enjoyed them all.In the stories A Christmas Kiss (Lora Leigh, Breeds series) and Vampire's Ball (Angela Knight, Mageverse series), it was evident that there were other previous books and some backstory that I was missing but I didn't feel lost at all. In fact, I was interested enough that I now want to try the first books in these series to see if I will like them enough to continue. I read a Mageverse short story in the Bite anthology a while ago and didn't like it at the time so the story in this book has changed my mind enough to give the series another shot. Sweet Enchantment (Anya Bast, Dark Magick series) is part of a new series with the first book, Wicked Enchantment, coming out in Jan 2010. I'll be looking for this one too! A promising new Fae series. It was a teensy bit slow at the beginning, but did pick up.A Little Night Magic (Allyson James, Stormwalker series). This story is a prequel to her upcoming series coming out May 2010. The first book is called Stormwalker. It is loosely related and is more to introduce the Stormwalker world and some characters. The main character of Stormwalker is only briefly mentioned in this story.I have an attraction/aversion thing with anthologies. I'm always attracted to them and want them (probably because they often have authors and stories related to authors and series I read) but when I get them they tend to just sit on my shelf for some reason. I'm glad I didn't put this one on the shelf and did actually read it. If you like these authors/series or paranormal romance in general, then you will probably enjoy this book.