The Ghost Hunter (The Hunter, #1) - Lori Brighton I’ve really been looking forward to reading this book. That yummy cover would stare at me from the queue, taunting me. I was excited to finally get a chance to dig into it. Unfortunately, even though it seemed to have all the elements of a good paranormal romance, for some reason it didn’t completely click with me. This may be because of a number of issues I came across with the story and characters, and then there are the typos…all 43 of them. Too many to dismiss and they eventually started to distract me from the story. Underneath it all the story has some good bones and in the end I have to say that I liked it, but just barely. So we have Cristian, a fallen angel doing time on planet Earth sending stubborn ghosties to the other side. He’s your classic alpha male character—gorgeous, muscular, and a Scottish brogue to round out the yum factor. Then we have Ashley, while not quite the kick-ass heroine, she is a bit stubborn and feisty and can see and talk to ghosts—just what a ghost hunter needs. Though I started out liking both Cristian and Ashley, both of them eventually started to irritate me. At times I wanted to slap Cristian upside the head. He was constantly getting angry, frustrated, and annoyed with Ashley because she couldn’t figure out who she was, accept her powers, or know what to do and how to do it. Yet does he ever help her to figure this out at all? Does he guide her? Does he give her hints or even--gasp--just tell her anything? Well no. He wants her to figure it all out on her own. On Ashley’s part, I found her to be a bit selfish sometimes and at other times she came off as a tease. More than once she would be on the receiving end of a romantic encounter with Cristian then suddenly push him away. The attraction and romantic tension between them was evident, but I got tired of the whole cat and mouse game. As my interest in the main characters dwindled, I started to really like some of the secondary characters to include the ghosts in the house (especially Devon, yum!) and also Camile, a young witch, who befriends Ashley and helps her with the paranormal challenges she inherited with the house. There is also a town filled with other paranormal characters that show up more in the second half of the book. Back to Devon, the ghost. He makes up the third point of a love triangle with Cristian and Ashley. I found myself actually rooting more for Devon than Cristian at times. He had a vulnerability about him that was hard to resist. My interest definitely increased a bit when Devon came more fully into the story.Though I was okay with the dialogue and writing style overall, some scenes were confusing and I did come across what appear to be some inconsistencies unless I missed something along the way. One example is a scene that happened near or on a staircase. At one point the characters are on the ground and the next moment someone is moving down the stairs. I had to go back and reread this sequence a few times to be sure I didn’t miss a transition somewhere. There are several mysteries going on in this book. There is the mystery of Cristian and what exactly his purpose is especially in relation to Ashley. The mystery of what Ashley actually is. There is also the mystery of what happened to Ashley’s father and the mystery of what is in the basement. You could also say there is some mystery surrounding Devon and his past. So there is definitely some intrigue going on in the story and pieces get revealed slowly until all gets revealed in the end. Overall, there was a decent story here but it was overshadowed by excessive typos, inconsistencies, and annoying character traits. It did take me a while to pick through it as I found it easy to put down and wasn’t that compelled to get back to it, but in the end I would say I liked it more than not. I don’t know if this book is planned as a series as it seemed to be pretty wrapped up at the end, but I’m interested enough that I would be willing to try the next book.Rating: 3 – I Liked It (Just)Heat Level: Sensual/Spicy – door is mostly open but not as frequent or as graphic as an erotic romance. Two or three unfinished scenes and one full scene.