Review: Come Hell or High Water by Michele Bardsley

Come Hell or High Water - Michele Bardsley

Series: Broken Heart Vampires


Book Description:

Everybody makes mistakes-and my first one was named Connor, a heart- stealing Scottish hottie. I thought our night together was the beautiful beginning to a love story, which turned out to be my second mistake. I, Phoebe Allen, lifelong Broken Heart resident and vampire, am now mated to a half-demon.

Thankfully Phoebe's four-year-old son Danny is safely away at Disneyworld with his human father. Because Phoebe's right in the middle of major paranormal drama, helping Connor and his rag-tag group of friends retrieve part of an ancient talisman in order to ward off Connor's vicious stepmother, an uber-demon named Lilith. Phoebe swears she isn't falling for any of Connor's demon charm. But still, he's willing to do anything to protect her and prevent demons from storming into Broken Heart. And her undead heart can't resist a bad boy with identity issues..


My Thoughts:

This series is one of my go to reads when I am in the mood for a light and funny paranormal romance. Overall, I liked the story and I really liked Connor. He was such a sweetie from the beginning. He is half demon and half Scottish Fairy (don't think I've come across that mix before!). He always treated Phoebe tenderly and didn't hide his feelings. No asshat alpha here, thankyouverymuch. ...

So now for a couple of things that made me go hmmmm...

- Why is it that the first time Connor goes demon he loses all sense and control of himself and becomes a dangerous "bad" demon enough that Phoebe felt in danger until she sort of talks him down to his normal non-demon "good" self. Then, the next two times he goes demon he is a completely self aware "good" demon in complete controlof himself and even talks to Phoebe like normal? Why is that?


- Then there is the time when Phoebe is captured and is bound with duct tape but doesn't escape her bonds on her own. Duct tape! She is a freaky strong vampire and she can't pop some duct tape? No, instead she waits for Connor to save the day and free her. I mean...seriously?


- Connor's brogue didn't always seem consistent and I don't mean when it got heavier when he was emotional.

I always enjoy the humor in these books and I did laugh out loud a couple of times though one time was due to a particularly funny (to me) typo. I also loved the hellhound chihuahua (I know, right?...that's a bit of an oxymoron, which of course is what makes it so endearing and humorous). Sorta wish he had a bigger role in the book but then I'm always a sucker for quirky animals in a story. In the end, I did enjoy the book and will keep reading the series.

he series.