Eternal Hunger (Mark of the Vampire Series #1)

Eternal Hunger (Mark of the Vampire Series #1) - When I started to read this book I noticed that the reviews seemed to be all over the place, so I was curious how I would feel about it. As it turns out, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I liked it a lot. This book kept me up into the wee hours of the morning so I could finish it.The vampire world that Wright created was a little different than most. Not completely different but I didn't feel like I was reading the same old, same old again. Fans of the Demonica series by Larissa Ione may notice a few similarities. It is NOT like Demonica, but there are some character/story details that are very similar.If I had to pick on one thing that was a bit annoying -- and this is one of my book pet peeves -- is the use of foreign words (in this case "vampire" language) without any real explanation of what they mean. Some of the words are used enough that you finally figure it out but there are quite a few others that are not used as often. A simple glossary at the back of the book would have been very helpful.Okay, I lied...there is one more thing that annoyed me. It was made quite clear in the story more than once that Alexander's head was "almost shaved" so why does the cover model have a full head of hair? Not the author's fault but another example of a publisher who doesn't "get it". Readers notice these things!Even with my nitpicks, I still give this book a 5-star rating because they are minor annoyances and I still thoroughly enjoyed the story. The book ends with unresolved story threads that will likely continue into the next book but will focus on one of the other brothers if the cliffhanger ending is any indication. I will definitely be picking up the next book in this series.