Review - Go Deep by Sam Elswit

Go Deep: M/M Gay Romance (True Bliss Book 1) - Sam Elswit

The blurb for this book states that the book "has a happy but realistic ending". Happy? Yes. Realistic? No. In fact, from the cover to the ending there is nothing about this story that is realistic.


Let's start with the cover. Why the heck are there two white dudes on the cover when one of the main characters is black? Why whitewash it? The cover helps set the mood for the book and also gives the reader some expectations. In this case, the reader gets the wrong expectation.


Now for the story. This is a novella and everything moved super fast and seems to come out of nowhere. There is no buildup to the relationship at all, and one unrealistic thing after another happens, often out of the blue, and I'm left wondering wheredafuq did that come from? And the ending, well that is more fantasy then realism, unfortunate as it is. I know it's fiction and there is some artistic license, but sorry, not realistic. Not to mention that Michael is essentially outed without his permission and he's not even upset about it even though there was so much emphasis on him keeping his secret to save his fledgling football career.


The writing style didn't suit me and the dialogue was eye-roll worthy at times. The blurb above also states that this story is for mature audiences yet the author repeatedly uses silly euphemisms like "organ" and "member" and "rosebud". Seriously? The book could also use another round of proofreading.


Though I really like m/m sport romances, this one didn't work for me. I received a free copy of this book in exchange for my honest review.


UPDATE: The cover was supposedly changed to reflect the characters more accurately but it's not showing on Amazon yet as of this post.