The Other Man by D Breeze

The Other Man - D. Breeze

Cliffie alert! With absolutely no warning in the book blurb, grrrr...

Cheating alert! If you hate cheating in romance, skip this one.

Bad editing/proofing alert! Tons of typos: missing words, extra words, misspelled names, punctuation issues, etc. Also, way too many unnecessary exclamation points.

Chopped up book alert! Not just a cliffie but a completely unresolved ending. You have to read book 2 to pick up where the story leaves off and who knows if that is the last one. More of a serial than a series and absolutely no warning for the reader in the blurb or title, grrrr... again. Could have at least labeled it Part 1 (instead of Book 1), which would at least imply an incomplete story arc.

And, two final words... lube and condoms! Just sayin'

With that said, I did finish the book and there were *some* parts of it I liked, which is why I gave it two stars, but it just wasn't enough to make me want to read the next one. I also don't appreciate the author not disclosing the fact that this is an unresolved story that ends with a major cliffie. Mostly though, the typos drove me bat shit crazy. If this book reflects the quality of future books, then I'll definitely pass.