Reading progress update: I've read 22% (and question for British Booklikers)

— feeling confused
The Valkyrie - Charlotte Vassell

Well, I think I might...just finally getting to a point in this book where I am getting interested enough to want to keep reading...I think...we'll see. The beginning was very slow for me and actually felt somewhat depressing, which surprised me since this book is supposed to have humor/sarcasm so I was expecting it to start out quite differently. I have yet to lol or even snort to myself. Not much seems to have happened so far and I keep waiting for them to do something Valkyrie-ish. They haven't done much other than drink, pop pills, and snark at each other while planning how to orchestrate the next human war. There is supposedly some major event on the horizon as there are hints like "it had begun" (the blurb refers to an apocalypse so I guess that is it), but I'm still clueless as to what is going on. I don't know if that is my bad for missing something or the author's bad for not making it clear, or if that is the intention of the storytelling at this point in the book. I'm willing at this point to persevere and see how it goes.


So my question for the British readers here.  Is the word "draw" some kind of British slang for a drawer? As in, "She opened the draw that contained small random things...".  I keep coming across this word used in this way. When I first noticed it, I immediately considered it a typo. However, it has been so consistently used in this way throughout the book so far that I started to wonder if it was a British slang word I didn't recognize.