Review: Love in the Time of Dragons by Katie MacAlister

Love in the Time of Dragons - Katie MacAlister

I liked this one but it was confusing at times as there were constant changes in the narrative to a memory/dream scene and it was done with no transition like a line break or a divider icon such as * * * between paragraphs to signal the reader that the scene would be changing. Sometimes it even happens in the middle of some dialogue.


Something I really enjoyed was the talking demon dog. I didn't expect a talking animal at all in this book so I was pleasantly surprised. They kept calling him an "it' which drove me nuts and kept throwing me off. He (I refuse to call him "it") was funny, flippant, and a bit crass at times. Just what I like in a talking animal character! :)  Occasionally the story or dialogue would get a little silly but it wasn't the kind of silly that bothered me. YMMV.


Most of the characters were interesting. I liked the banter between Baltic and Ysolde/Tully and even Baltic's interaction with Ysolde/Tully's son was a hoot. I could tell that some of the secondary characters in this book were from the related earlier series that I haven't read yet, but I didn't feel like I was missing info I needed for this story. I'll be continuing this series and I'll likely go back to the first one and read through the other two series as well. That makes three more series to add to the ever growing list!


Just a warning to romance readers. Though it is labeled a romance, this is not a true romance. There is no real HEA and the story continues in the next couple of books with the same characters. I wouldn't consider it a cliffhanger ending but it definitely was unresolved and cannot stand alone.