Purr More Bark Less

Reader of primarily paranormal romance and urban fantasy, occasional reviewer, slowpoke reader, abuser of ellipses, twitter challenged, and Goodreads refugee. That's all you need to know...for now. ;)

My Ratings

My ratings are based mainly on my overall enjoyment and engagement with a book balanced against the amount and degree of any issues I may have with it.  The more engaged I am and the more enjoyable the story to me, the less the issues factor into the rating.  It's really all just one big subjective juggling act.


5 = I Loved It! - Highly enjoyable - I didn't want to put it down and was eager to get back to it when I had to stop. I wanted to keep reading after it ended. I want more and I want it now!  Definitely recommended.

4 = I Really Liked It - A very enjoyable page-turner. The story engaged me and I wanted to keep reading. Will be looking for more. Recommended.

3 = I Liked It - A decent read. Enjoyed the story well enough while I was reading but didn't necessarily feel compelled to get back to it if I stopped. It may have some minor issues or it's not quite my style. Or I may have really liked the story but more than average typos and/or other issues dragged it down. I would recommend to the right person.

2 = It Was Just Okay - Could have been better. It had either more significant typos/issues or perhaps the story just didn't click with me. The story did not engage me enough to overcome the issues I had with it. In most cases, but not all, I finished the book. However, I could easily put this book down and not miss it. Probably would not recommend with a rare exception.

1 = I Didn't Like It - I didn't like the story. It did not engage me at all. It may have a significant number of typos or other issues. Usually, but not always, reserved for a book I couldn't finish. Cannot recommend.